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ANGELOESTRADA swimwear line creates garments rooted in versatility, sustainability, with a keen sense of consciousness towards culture and environment. Our aesthetic is minimal, easy to wear, yet, seductive. Our pieces are not just for the pool or the beach — pair them with your favorite jeans for casual chic, under a beautiful blazer and wide leg pant for a night out, or put the corset over the robe to transform the cover up into an evening gown for an elegant dinner under the stars. 
Our founder, Angelo, embraces his Filipino culture and honors the family legacy in his eponymous branding. He shares his triumphant journey through darkness to bring his vision to life:
“I started thinking about the logo, and since the brand is my name, I needed a logo reflecting that. I knew that I wanted to represent my culture which is Filipino. The Phillippines have been colonized since the 1500’s. After a lot of research I realized a lot of its true indigenous culture was stolen and forgotten. My desire to celebrate the origins of my culture and share my knowledge has in turn helped me learn a lot about myself. The inspiration for the names of my pieces are after ancient Filipino deities that have long been forgotten. My logo is based off of my initials in SURAT BISAYA which is the native script and language of pre-Hispanic colonialism in Cebu, my father’s hometown. I have so much respect for indigenous communities for finding the balance of thriving without destroying our natural resources. My eyes are open to how beautiful my lost culture is. The spirit of my people taught me even more the importance of a sustainable collection. A collection in which, I want people to rethink how they are buying clothes. I make everything small batch so I’m not overproducing product. We all know fashion is one of the biggest pollutants out there so I want people investing in better quality, multifunctional garments so they are buying less and ultimately contributing less waste. When you have more versatile clothing on vacation that can transition from day to evening, you end up packing less which equals smaller luggage. If it’s possible to pack everything in your carry on, you don’t have to worry about losing your luggage. I use compostable packaging and recycled mailers. I really want to be conscious about every element I put out there. 
I have always had a vision of what I ‘would’ design. It inhabited my soul, but I always saw it as a fantasy. I never thought in my lifetime I would ever have the courage to step out on my own and create a brand. I was severely insecure, riddled with anxiety and depression, and never thought I had what it takes because I grew up in an abusive household causing me deep shame and affected me throughout my life. I grew up surrounded with toxic masculinity, endured physical, mental, and emotional abuse which resulted in self hate because of my identity. This is why I want to represent the LGBTQIA+ community in my designs. I got to a point where I tried to take my own life at 9 yrs old. I knew I had to forgive my inner child and not just be a survivor, but, also, resilient. Not a victim. The abuse ends with me. I still hear way too many stories of LGBTQIA+ youth committing suicide and it breaks me to the core. So if I have any voice no matter how big or small… If I can inspire someone to keep pushing…because life truly does get better.”


We manufacture all of our current products in Los Angeles and pay garment workers fair wages.

Our premium fabrics are sustainably sourced by using recycled and reclaimed dead stock fabric that otherwise would end up in a landfill or incinerator. 

All finishes and trims are sourced and assembled in Los Angeles.

I take a lot of pride in the city that I grew up in and I want to give back to it as much as I can.

We use limited packaging made of compostable or biodegradable materials.

When you support angeloestrada you are supporting the greater Los Angeles community. 

-Love you all -

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